Friday, 10 January 2014

Fancy some cheaper sashimi?

So the other day my parents and I were trying to kill time while waiting for relatives and we decided to enter this little shophouse that was open on a Sunday morning. We had no intention whatsoever of buying anything because we purely wanted to kill time. Well, we ended up buying a lot more than we intended to because we wanted to see how fresh the fish really was and whether it was worth our while, because it certainly was worth the money. 

We ended up buying some fresh tuna (~RM15 ea), vacuum packed and frozen salmon (~RM15 ea), unagi (~RM30 ea), short grain rice, miso soup paste, sushi molds, vinegar, wasabe and ginger.

Yep, definitely more than what we expected. 

Because I wanted to photograph the whole experience of eating sashimi at home for the very first time, we whipped out our most 'restauranty' plate and shaved some ice and made the whole plate look pretty.

I think I should stop typing now and let the photos do the talking. 

Yes, boys and girls, this was actually done at home. 

My mom also steamed the frozen unagi. Yes, the restaurants basically just steam your unagi and all of them have already been pre-cooked/pre-grilled, vacuum packed, frozen and sent to your favourite Japanese restaurant, surprise surprise. 

More photos after the jump! Like seriously, just click 'read more'!

Seems pretty legit.

We also made our own salmon and tuna nigirizushi. Yes, that's how much raw fish we bought. And don't worry, we prepared and ate this over the course of two nights. 

All of these amazing foodstuffs can be purchased from Shin Taima Trading at Pulau Tikus, Penang. One thing to note though, is that this place only accepts cash, so be sure to have some extra cash on hand if you're going to pay them a visit.

And no, I was not paid in any way, shape or form to write for them. I just found the food pretty darn good.

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