Hello there!

I'm Wei-Lynn and as you may have probably gathered from my nifty little bio in the sidebar, I'm a lover of all things fluffy!

I made this blog to keep track of my food journeys and to kill time over the Summer holidays. Don't worry though, I'll probably be posting throughout the semester because nobody can keep me away from food and probably because I'll be procrastinating every now and then. I haven't yet decided how frequently I would be posting but it would all be dependent on my schedule next semester.

Oh, I should probably also mention that I'm from a tiny little island called Penang in Malaysia. Go on, click that link and see how awesome Penang is! Spoiler alert: we were ranked #8 out of 40 places to visit in 2014. I'm currently studying in Australia, so a lot of my posts during the semester will be based on the places I visit/ingredients I buy there.


This blog will primarily be a food blog, because I absolutely love food and I can't get enough of it! However, I do hope to dabble into other unknown territories someday. Traveling? Probably. 

Copyright stuff and other mumbo jumbos. 

Everything you see here has been written/photographed/created by me unless otherwise stated. I would absolutely love love love that you credit me and let me know if you want to use any of my photos or content. And by credit I mean, credit the post itself and not just my homepage. Also, I've just created a watermark, so you'll see it in my newer posts and I would absolutely love you to bits if you would kindly keep it there and not crop it out. It's not that obtrusive anyway and I even tried to make it pretty. (:

Please don't share anything on Instagram because there are no means of sufficiently crediting me. If I'm bored enough to stumble upon my photos on your Instagram, you're gonna get reported for copyright infringement.

Questions? Feel free to pop me a message here.