Saturday, 6 April 2013

Manchester Press, Melbourne

So I had the privilege of spending my Easter break in Melbourne and time to try out two very highly recommended cafés. Being the teenage photographer that I am, I just couldn't let such a photo opportunity pass me by. And since I decided to start a food blog, I have decided to upload those photos here and give my take on the food at Manchester Press and The Hardware Societé.
The exterior of Manchester Press.
First things first, the menu. I must say that the menu wasn't very extensive, which was a shame. However, I have heard that Melbourne cafés don't particularly like cooking up a storm in their kitchens for breakfast so that could be a reason why. Most of their menu comprised of bagels, bagels and more bagels.. ooh baked eggs with bagels.
Yeah, I can't say we were spoiled for choice. Nonetheless, we were already seated and since it was recommended to us, we had to give it a try to see if this place did live up to its name.
I was pretty impressed with the way they served chai latte and it's arguably one of the best I've tasted/seen so far. Either I've been really deprived of chai or they're doing a good job. The tea was served in a cup, nothing special here, but the honey was served in this aluminium tin with a wooden honey dipper, which was pretty cool.
Yeah, it's the little things that get me.
My order: chai latte and baked eggs with cherry tomatoes, salmon and bagel.
Chai tea latte served with honey in a cute little aluminium tin and wooden honey dipper.
Probably the most interesting thing on the menu - baked eggs with cherry tomatoes, salmon and bagel.
Bagel with pulled pork.
Grilled blue cheese bagel with grapes and rocket.
Yes literally, a bagel with avocado.
The interior of Manchester Press.
Overall, we were pretty pleased with the food there. It wasn't very impressive but we had a good breakfast nonetheless. The ambience was good too, not too loud, not eerily quiet and the waiting time wasn't painfully long. Service was quick and the waiters were polite.
Would I return?
Depends on whether they decide to add more interesting things to their menu.
P/S. The baked eggs are only served until 12pm, so be sure to be there early.
Food: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Price: 4/5
Overall: 4.25/5
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